Species: Huldre

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Species: Huldre


Post by Jent » Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:08 am

<big>SPECIES: Huldrefolk (plural Huldre; feminine Huldra; masculine Huldu)</big>

Humanoid (Fey-like, Troll-like, Tree-like)

Place of Origin:
Sub-Space; usually from one of the six (now five) occupied territories in that dimension situated between both Mirror Pax and Pax

Natural Abilities:

Bark of Back -

Accelerated Healing -

Magical Affinity -

Diseases Prone to:

Madness (March of the Toreadors) -

Treeification - ...

Technological Status:
Steam Era underlined by high magical use

Unique Attribute:

Tale of Tails

Hollow back


Sexual and asexual (parthenogenesis and budding in specific instances)


Sect of Whimwham

Sect of Wander

Sect of Wroth

Sect of Wattle

Sect of Wyrd

((I had this all nice and done... stupid thumbdrive... *Continues to update when he can.* ))

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