The Shroud

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Post by Laur » Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:58 am

Laur would indeed be quite capable of percieving that the energy attached to the well within and beneath them was contrkbuting translation to them, along with the knowledge of its presence seeming many layers below them. Presently Laur proceeded to examine the riddles with those piercing eyes, the mature woman then proceeded to whip out a notebook and commence writing a copy of such down.

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Post by vibribbon » Fri Dec 06, 2019 12:38 am

Medici wipes his forehead. "I'll be honest with you - I haven't had time to get into the mythology of the place. The fact that the cave is blocking frequencies is a real problem - we'll have to go with our best guesses"

The medic picks up the statue of the snake, looking at the inscription. "That said, I'm pretty sure the answer to 1 is either this or the demon, and I think it's the snake. The demon would likely be two, and I haven't an idea on the other answers"

Suvanka simply stares at the inscription for 3. "Prodigal son or studious daughter,
Ostracize threads both friend and kin...
It's not me, is it?"

(Want to apolgize for taking so long - school has been so stressful that I had to put this way on the backburner. Was only reminded of it because of the ping X_X)

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Post by Game Master » Sat Dec 07, 2019 2:25 pm

Air broken by Earth.
Earth scorched by Fire.
Fire drenched by Water
Water faded by Spirit.
And Spirit dusted by the Air.

By careful deduction, the group managed to solve the puzzle regarding this syncretism of distinct beliefs. Laur’s experience regarding Tezcans, Wade’s origin among the Hulders. And the right admixture of discussion from all that to the right alignment: Avian, then Golem. Demon, then Serpent. Bones, then the orb at the center of everything.

Whoever constructed and programed the altar clearly knew plenty of both alien cultures. Reflection of these ‘Mirror Scales’ and intuition of these ‘Hidden People… Though, while no enemies appeared, the final riddle did not reveal itself. Or at least, none how they expected-

In a sudden blink, one massive grey eye would stare down from above. The milky gray lens nearly stretched from end to end, north to south and so across the entirety temple’s ceiling. None would escape its gaze in time…

… Blink?



After a painless bright white light flooded the temple they once stood trapped, they find themselves resettled underground. Probably teleportation, right? The mutant might yield the best guess by a natural perception of magic in her surroundings. She and anyone would have felt a brief surge of activity washed their minds. Eldritch aura from the altar relocated them closer to their destination. The Temple knew. The slumbering Herald knew.

Yet, it might help the group overall if someone could make heads or tails of the current location.

Somewhere they been dropped in the dimly lit caverns. By a luminescence from neither six-limbed critters or unnamed species of moss. Precise sight, keen smell easily ruled out anything mundane like gems, torchlight, and such… It be pulsating flesh...

Heavily interwoven along cavern walls and beyond laid an unsettling environment-better fitting for necromancers. Blood vessels over power lines. Calcified bones in vague corral structure before the use of wooden planks and nails for support. Even the two potential tunnels they could take seemed to be carved out by frightening claws than any typical mining tools.

Now. Would they decide to go further ‘East’ to their right, in following the direction they took before? As they arrived by the entrance from the west in regards to the Temple previously in. Or would the idea of backtracking ‘West’ on their left be ideal instead? Given they were redirected to this room not by their choice.

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