The Shroud

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Post by Game Master » Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:07 pm

That forcibly imposed amglam structure of bone and hide maintained its eerie presence in lull before battle. They heard shouts. They felt the impacts and wearing as vampires and their thralls walked through the gap of the imotile legion. They suffered under the crashing waves of Wamphyri emotions soaked at telepathic calls. And yet, only knew two powers which truly caused the remnants of people to quake and wail in silence…

And went those vampirized Scrappers of brutish step and of methodical crafting skill: each malnourished body hugged opposing sides of tunnel wall in their advance. Fierce slugs of irradiated metal. Trained footsteps with stances at the ready. Eyes kept alert in the dimly lit environment soon bloomed with a brilliant white light!

Everything happened too fast. The two powers challenging one another for influence over the latest agents of change.

To the Commandant and her men, the notion of ‘divine intervention’ might be an annoying gnat at her mind’s ear. For whatever these mighty beams touched, the ground stayed still. For everyone else that accompanied the relic search. Well, they’d be the ones to tell it best. For those two vampirized thralls were burnt to a crisp by a heavily concentrated glow!

Eltra and Wade, Jinx and Laur, floral and fauna persons alike descended beneath the cold stone floor. The sensation of earth amiss, for the metamorphic material felt like nothing. Just a substance in itself. The true sensation would be the overwhelming presence from all around their bodies; carefully keeping track and binding their movements as they flowed through this unnatural current - apart from an individual. One that broke free from the vile jetstream and washed ‘ashore’ in a most unexpected location…

/My dearest saviors of the world above. My heart weighed in deepest regret as could not protect all of you quickly enough./

Wispy be the call, and still sorrowful intent in those words carried along in the stranger’s voice. Female, certainly so. Drenched in grief by her quieting cries as she relayed soundless speech to Suvanka alone. /The foul devil of the well waters below has taken your friends. My weakening light managed to spare you from his clutches… Let me help you./

((The party has been split!

Suvanka, Medici, Voltaire (awaiting progress; summary to be added here when done)

Jinx, ??? (awaiting progress; summary to be added here when done)

Eltra, Laur, Wade (awaiting progress; summary to be added here when done)

Current Game Plan: separate adventures that aimed to rejoin before the final event takes place))

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