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Re: An Abyssal Visitation

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:44 am
by BoltAscendent
With the two attacks in short order, the goddess was knocked back and the black glob was sent flying off into the shadows. The woman had a large hole in her chest now and covered it with her hands. She was still a mass of panic and instinct, stomping down as she was surrounded and forming a golden ball around her. As it solidified, the terror and panic began to radiate off her in waves. Whatever they had gotten off and sent flying had left an injury, and with it a panic rarely seen in her. As she sat in a protective bubble to try to mend the injury as best she could in her panicked state, the air around began to darken. Ingrid, being attuned, would feel it was her own terror at whatever she had seen in that thing taking a tangible form.

Re: An Abyssal Visitation

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 10:05 pm
by Jent
Damn hybrid.

Not possessing the best agility in her condition, Ingrid narrowly avoided one of the blistering spears from landing a critical hit. Dark eldritchness manifested and blew a chunk out of right shoulder to leave the severed arm to endure the attack instead. "Keh!" the woman growled, tucking in the bow close to her chest as she rolled over next to some debris. Things hurt worse the closer her identity leaned mortal.

At least this wasn't one of those Eggs. The elven archer still retained enough of her Herald affinity in this weakened state, cauterizing the open wound in her essence. Which proved to be useful yet again, given her enhanced perception noted how that 'blob' reacted to her tri-attack. I need you guys to give me more energy, Ingrid messaged her siblings from afar. She generated a weak oily right arm to act as an amplifier of her will, an open-palm faced towards the darkness that earlier terrorized Zerexe. The Herald tried to impose her Fear, and siblings Order and Rage to subdue this threat.