Halloween with The Collector

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Halloween with The Collector


Post by The Archivist » Wed Oct 29, 2014 5:04 pm

On a dark Halloween night, The Collector opens the door that kids just knocked on. She is in her 'humanoid-ish' form, with tendrils bursting out of the house behind her following her back, and she is clearly uncaring for the present tradition.

"You DARE ask ME for SWEETS? I should show you a trick!"

The entity grins, watching the children run away. Only a little girl remains. She's wearing a bright pink costume of some kind of reptilian, and the long fabric snout is bent over and blocking her vision. She keeps trying to adjust it to no avail.

"Trick o' Treat! Give me something good to eat!" She sings, oblivious to the real monster.

"Why?" C says, tilting her head at the little pink cute reptilian girl... at least she likes the right sort of creatures.

"Because I'm a mean rept-reptili- ad, and I'll eat you! Rawr rawr!" The little girl replies, and points to the white triangles of cloth than are her "scary fangs".

"Do you like scary things little girl?"

"No, but I like candy!" She quickly replies.

"Pity. I nearly liked you."

"... I'll like you if you give me something good to eat." The girl retorts, quick on the wit for being so young. She plays with her "fanged" snout.

"... I don't think you understand little girl, I don't want or need you to like me."

"So... Will I still get... ?" The child asks after an awkward minute, looking confused.

"... Yes... I think I'll give you my kind of treat...." The Collector smiles, offering her snake headed claw.

The little girl claps her pink gloves (also including little white triangle felt claws!), and holds out a hand... for a lizard. The tiny animal curls in her palm and flicks out it's tongue at being dropped.

"Hey... wait..."

The Collector laughs and slams her door.

"This isn't a very good treat you know!" The little girl cries, still standing on the porch.

"That entirely depends on the person who gives it, don't you think?" The Collector laughs from behind the peeling wood. "I think you should get a better costume... of course I could make you one.... but you wouldn't like that."

"You could? Are you a tailor?" The pink floppy lizard asks, once again interested. "... You're weird. You won't give me candy, but you'll give me a costume and a pet..."

She frowns, and fidgets with her snout, not sure what to make of this.

"Well, at least you understood the purpose of the lizard, so you're not as dense as your mates were. But... I get the feeling you can't see very well."

"Snout's too floppy." She reminds, still trying to adjust it.

The inky entitity opens the door again, and flicks the girls 'floppy snout' up with a tendril so she can see her. The little girl backs away immediately, but seems to think about it before fleeing outright. Clearly she expected some scary things tonight, and steeled her nerves.

"You're a meanie! You won't give kids treats, and just want to trick them into staying so you can scare people!" The child shouts, red in the face and thoroughly frustrated. She quickly wiped the edges of fearful tears, and ran back down the path leading up to the derelict house.

"...AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!" The Collector called after her, though this made the child stop.

"You probably can't even make a good costume anyway!" She adds, before carefully setting the lizard free on evil's lawn. It wasn't the little reptile's fault her previous owner was such a... jerk.

"... You really shouldn't have said that." The entitity hisses, clenching her jaw.

The child turns one last time, and blows a raspberry at The Collector. The defiant act is barely finishing before a tendril shoots out from behind the door, and easily constricts it's target.

"Eeek!" The tiny girl screams, lifted right off her feet, while also spilling her bucket of treats on C's lawn.

"Let me show you how good a "costume" I can make, little girl..." She says darkly, drawing her prey closer.

"Lemme go!"

"I think not..." The entity states without emotion, before she begins to wrap the child up in her tendril, making a cocoon. The little girl is... of course... little, and takes only a minute to completely submerge. The last thing to be covered over with the flowing darkness is the floppy, bright pink snout of her "reptilian" costume.

The entity grins as the final bubble breaks the surface.

<hr />
The cocoon twists and bulges a full hour later, though The Collector hasn't left her spot at it's side.

"There, I gave a you a new costume... Now go out and be really scary."

With that command, the shadowed cocoon breaks at the top, as the creature from within stands slowly. It's a bipedal reptilian, at nearly 6 feet tall. C clearly left nothing of the little girl remaining, as this creature adopts a theatening pose almost immediately after hatching. Her ruby scales catch limited light in the dark, and she waits for a moment letting the slime run off her exageratedly pointed claws. Her eyes soon open and focus on The Collector, turning into thin, purely monsterous slits on a red backdrop.

"Hissssssssthhh...." She flicks her tongue, tasting the air before drawing her thin crimson lips back enough to show off the terrible teeth she now possesses...

... Then she's off. The reptilian scurries up C's wall nearly as fast as a blink on all fours, tail draping over her creator's shoulders for an instant before flicking into the darkness. Down the street, The Collector can hear the beginning of a man's scream... which quickly becomes a dying gurgle.


"This is so much fun&#33;" She finally says to herself, once all the twisted laughter has left her oil-like frame. "I'm going to have to do this every year..."

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