A Friendly Chat

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A Friendly Chat


Post by Jent » Fri Jun 01, 2018 7:00 am

The quiet blanket of the dark, yet glittering sky chilled the Encampment from its near summer heat. Peaceful, villagers returned to their dwellings to await a rather consistent calm night compared to prior years. The worst upheaval in their recent weeks being just political matters regarding the town's future.

“Now where would this man be?†a lone woman strolled by herself in her Gucci shoes. The business attire, while normally be in shreds from lack of proper laundromats nearby, managed to stay stylish and clean due to her determination. Thea Karst endured harsher trials back on Earth-or Terra as other beings would call it-and even in this magical realm she continued to stride in achievement. “Take a left along the path... So many steps...â€

“Out late, miss stranger?â€

Interrupted in thought, Thea glanced up at the man standing in the way. Dressed casually in comparison to herself, with a brown jacket over-laying a white shirt, bottomed out by gray slacks and black shoes. This 'human' seemed of typical European stock, more so in direction of 'Iberian' descent. A gentle olive complexion radiating from his inquisitive expression intrigued the wandering Italian woman.

“Woke up with an epiphany, regarding you in particular, Mr. Drausus.â€

“An epiphany?â€

Thea analyzed the reactions in silence. This Distortionist, from what she been told, been quite a boon for the Encampment. Ever open to bestowing aid, to the point townsfolk joked he ran his own orphanage from all the children he watched over in his expansive dwelling. A home bigger on the inside, constructed all by his own hand.

“Quite right. A little bat visited my dreams... And while she rattled on over ridiculous measurements, your name was brought up.â€

“... I see, so one of those women.â€

Obvious they both were on a the same relative train of thought, she began to feel a slight headache arising from behind her skull. Huh, so that demoness was correct. Thea figured a shift in vascular tension would relieve the slight pain-which in turn coaxed the Distortionist rub his temple out of instinct. Fight fire with fire as the saying goes. “Indeed, albeit a rude greeting to invade someone's dreams unannounced. At least we parted on friendly terms,†Thea mused, breaking into a grin.

“They can be rather overtly friendly... I suggest to keep your wits about you,†Drausus warned in concern. Not a looming threat from his words, though a reminder of what trickery those demons might lead to the bedroom. Or right on a park bench, as she gleaned carefully.

“I'm sure my wits know more than you imagine, Distortionist.â€

There, a momentary twitch in surprise. A brief mark of his confusion, no doubt soon settled given many in these parts heard of the term relating to him at the very least. “And of your own? Not wanting to settle down with a refined lady floating along in your fantasies?†Thea teased in earnest, provoking yet another subtle micro-expression of irritation from Drausus. One notable point of weakness for sure. Possibly from an emotionally troubled past?

“... 'Afraid that is not on my agenda any time soon, Miss-â€

“I'm usually referred to as Thea. Universally.â€

“A conjurer of some sort? Your name is a rather boastful one, young 'god.'â€

“Not quite... But I have a question, Jentil: do you happen to know the time?â€

Catching him off-guard with the sudden inquiry, Drausus nearly uttered the nightly hour before she interrupted the Distortionist. “No, that of Kata. I've of some settlements there. My revelation beckoned me to investigate this other planet. As such to know the next syzgy the two planets with their Pass."

Something concrete, certain in calculation rather than the afterthought of banter. The perplexed Jentil procured an odd-yet familiar device from out of his right side pocket. That of a gray locket to a general glimpse; she could tell something unique laid within its inner workings. “... Missed the one for May, though another will be around in June on the 28th,†Drausus answered her strange inquiry. Yet in the midst of Thea's fascination, she unconsciously brought her hand over to caress the opened latch. Cool to the touch, still emitting a type of warmth receptive to cognitive thought.

“Please don't,†the Distortionist recoiled from the rude gesture, concealing the marvelous contraption from her wandering eyes and fingers.

“Sorry my appreciation over extended your bounds of comfort.â€

Gleams of understanding shown through his face, easing the tension to a manageable level. “Fair enough... Just be careful not to get in any trouble. There be many a predator lurking the woods at night, even with the local guards and protectors keeping the peace.â€

“Oh I will. And do take care of some shut eye yourself. Lest you be dragged into slumber when you least expect it.â€

With them both giving a mutual bow of respect, garnering some laughs at their similar displays of departure, they ventured onward to their own paths. Drausus turned inward back to his own dwelling. Sounds of rowdy youth greeting his ears upon arrival, delaying his bedrest by another handful of hours. Thea strolled outward from the Encampment to her secluded campsite. Leaving behind a trail of feathers from an unfortunate terror bird who met its fate by predator's hand.

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