A Day Late and aGoo Shortened

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A Day Late and aGoo Shortened


Post by Jent » Thu Apr 02, 2020 10:42 pm

Now every season deserves their allotted time among the many faces of countless worlds. A number or so are rather selfish in sparring excess to their cousins-though no one is talking about Katian Frost Faction right now. Those frigid folks got enough spotlight for the time being. This discourse happens to cycle back to the neighbors, the ones fortunate enough to experience these changes. And the very grateful creatures which these faces watch over.

Considering ciacad caucuses chattering, causing crowds a choiced confusion. Woe be the critical decanting tones for if they should pick Autumn or Summer as a whole. Let the bugs choose what they may, even Spring sortments should enjoy the days!

And why not? A favorite pick for those that loathe the draining weeks of winter month, taking no expense to rejoice the change. If just to forget the drag, wretched lives they own otherwise. And a particular delightful pastime that springs affords them...

“... Now all you just remember that Strychnine..Isn’t something to be taken lightly. Or at all! Whether from a beautiful lady or a charming gentleman. Hope to see you all real’soon.~”

Anne especially loved the current season. Many once huddled in the stingy caches could frolic in the warming days. Especially so for the woman, being greeted with eager faces bringing listening ears and pleasant applause. A turnout larger than what she expected from the last! People who’d attend the ramblings she rattled from her cellroom: an appreciating assembly of townsfolk and visitors. A few even gave her a few pigeons to snack on in between the various songs she sung for them. The benefits of shapeshifting meant an array of costumes and instruments to further the fun-

“I'm here, aren't I?”

… She buried the tears the pseudo-eyes wished to shed, watching the last person happily fled. Being a Goo unfortunately coinciding made them both sociable and lonely creatures. The independently mindful ones at least. Sure they could retain the memories absorbed… At a cost of frightening off the rest from harboring near. Recycling the consistently same voices and times, without the right creative spark, weakens the Goo inside out. Requiring more than raw atomic nourishment from the matters consumed… And Anne still couldn’t shake off the eerie sensations, being lucky enough to have an immortal soul to satisfy some of these cravings.

She had not forgotten compassion, compassion had forgotten her.

Anne swerved to address a solid wall within her dreary keep. Maybe the mechanist ‘outfit’ worn for the past however so months took a greater toll than anticipated? The Goo had promised to protect the last refuge a human woman once inhabited alone… Physically, that is. That crazed mind used to be always on constant edge, at some corner of the mind. Whether she’d survive another day. Make an impact on the universe that tortured her…. Avoid those devils birthed from the Starry Side swamps in a sickening aspect of the multiverse as a whole.

Anything could exist, to Azaria Matthews, doesn’t mean it should.

But alas the human’s life cleaved short before greying years. Freed from the mortal coil to experience the new journey of spirithood. Perhaps to be reborn in a babe in gentler times than today? Possibly a kindness or a curse, if her history caught up to Az to such beginnings… Either way, the Goo rescued her from ever needing to worry about Wamphyri for a long while... Though, who’d save Anne, from something she couldn’t quite understand?

Visions? Delusions? Concepts sparked upon her malleable mind: at unknown odds for eureka or smite. Anne Yong felt becoming further crazed in the ever increasing confinement. The outings in the dreamscape to wander, and the company she had been allowed to chatter… Enough?

The Goo hoped so.

((Preferred this and the related follow-up (of shorts?) story to been finished on the PROPER DAY instead. Though, like many another, blame the current season's grievings. Stay healthy everyone, and daily sanity in those skull-shaped baskets for later when stepping out of Paxian/Interwebing society.))

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