The area of this flower garden is alive with holograms, allowing the citizens of Pax some interaction with the legends that shaped us.
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Name: Embri. She also has a soulname, Twrini, shared only with Angel.

Age: Over 6,000 years, but she can't remember more than half a dozen decades into her past well, along with snippets from much older times.

Preamble: Embri has two forms, one can be considered her "normal" form, that of a fiery winged unicorn, while the other, her Power form, is similar except in colour. Her powers and weaknesses, however, vary greatly depending on her current appearance.

Description and Physiology:
Embri, Nexus of Power
Two and a half meter tall equine, with silver grey fur, shiny silver black hooves and sapphire eyes. Single spiral horn on forehead. Mane and tail are made of blue flames, and burn constantly without heat. Fetlocks (hair around feet on a horse) are also made of cold, blue flames. Has two large, feathered wings of a slightly lighter silver colour. Weight approximated at 2,000 pounds.

As the Nexus, Embri is a double-edged sword. She has a strange and somewhat chaotic sense of justice, which can change in a heartbeat. One thing is certain; the Nexus wields unearthly amounts of power, making this form one that Embri will rarely choose to adopt voluntarily for offense unless the need is great.

Embri, the Winged Unicorn
Identical to her Protector form, except that her mane and tail are literally made of real fire, she has cream coloured fur, and amber eyes. Embri not only employs fire as her primary method of attack in this form, but relies on it for her very essence. She is, quite literally, made of fire, at least in part. She could no more stop her mane andtail from burning than a human could stop their heart voluntarily. Her basic fire type attacks are innate and natural for her species, no stranger to her than talking or walking.

As the Nexus of Power:
Embri retains all of her Winged Unicorn abilities, detailed hereafter, but in addition, she has several unique (and destructive) Nexus Powers.

Channel - Embri can collect, disperse, use and tap any Node or Leyline in her vicinity, and use it to create any type of attack she wishes. This power has its price. While Embri can wield almost any ability she can imagine, this type of assault is draining to both the Node and to her psyche.

The longer she spends in contact with a Node, and the more power she uses, the more likely it becomes that Embri will become lost in the magic. The results tend to be all together unpredictable, but on thesingle known occasion of this event, she reverted to a primitive
animalistic intelligence. Even if she avoids losing her sanity, a Node will not support the heavy drain she demands from it for very long.

Decimate - Possibly her most potent ability, Embri can destroy a creature or being which relies on magic at an atomic level, stripping away its strength and powers, which she then turns against them. Ineffective against normal enemies, this ability's destructiveness is relative to its target's power; the stronger the adversary, the better it works. This was the ability Embri used to eradicate the Great Phoenix.

As the Winged Unicorn:
Physical Abilities:
Complete fire mastery - incapable of being harmed by either light, fire or anything hot. Very hot things, like lava, actually heal her. Uses a variety of fire attacks, such as Flamethrower (from her mouth).

Flight - Embri can fly with decent speed, though she runs faster. She would be capable of carrying several people of normal weight if Embri didn't have such an aversion to being ridden.

Immunity - Embri is completely immune to all forms of poison, airborn, insinuated or contact. She can purify water or land from all types of contaminants with a touch of her horn. While of natural origin, Embri normally uses magic to accelerate this ability when used on bodies of water or land.

Supernatural Abilities:
Major Healing - (on others, mostly.) Embri can tap the lifestream of the earth, channeling its power to heal other beings. She cannot bring creatures back to life if they are already dead.
(Angel was an exception, with rather severe consequences!)

Dimension Door - As a unicorn, Embri can shift from place to place via any large tree. This specialized form of teleporting has several restrictions. First, it only works between two large, living trees, so this ability is pretty useless unless Embri happens to be in a forest. Second, Embri can only move herself and up to one rider, making this a rare power for her to use at all.

Advanced Fire techniques - Examples include Solar Flare (heat, lightand EM fields), and Eruption (small volcanoes, sulfurous gases).

Other favorite attack routines include lava flows, pyroclastic blasts, and hails of molten hot rocks.

Restoration - She can restore and revitalize landscape by running over it, causing plants to sprout and grow with surprising speed. This ability is volunatry, and not automatic. (Though it would be
somewhat funny to be standing too long in one spot and suddenly find
yourself in a tree!)

Other Powers:
Embri has both mindspeech and normal vocal communication.

Minor kinetic powers - (nothing stronger than holding down a single person, for example) which require her complete concentration.
Because this leaves her vulnerable, she will normally only use her telekinesis in non-combat situations, usually to make up for her lack of hands. She has been known to use this to fetch and carry small items.

Heartbond - see History.

Species: An Embri. (Yes, her name is the same as her species; Embri is the only known example of her kind.) Embri's history is complicated. She was once a winged Rapidash, and lived her first existence with a young Trainer by the name of Jasmine. Upon her death, she was recreated anew by the Great Phoenix, who claimed her essence and infused it into a new body, one he bred from a Nightmare stallion and a Pegasus dam. The new foal he shaped into Embri's original likeness, though with a number of additional powers.

Weaponry: Single spiral horn on her forehead, about a meter long, and four diamond hard hooves.

Embri has been known to employ diamond plate armor, which she collects from the center of the earth, and fuses to over her fur. She has to travel down deep into the crust to "get" it, so to speak, and taking it off tends to be highly hazardous for anyone in the area - Embri can shatter her armor at will, breaking it up into small diamond shrapnel. Her armor makes her heavier and less maneuverable, so she only wears it when heavy combat is imminent.

Home: Embri resides in her Glade while not visiting Psychotopia or the CC. The Glade is located in a dimensional fold outside of normal space, and time passes much more quickly there than in other realities. The only way of reaching the Glade is by teleportation or other forms of dimensional travel. The Glade posesses many innate protections against unwanted intruders, and is quite capable of defending against unwelcome "guests". The Glade appears to be a sylvan woodland, with immense trees and a wide variety of wildlife, both flora and fauna. In the heart of the Glade is a Node - a nexus of three leylines where Embri draws her power. The Node is
located directly under a rock spire that contains a fresh water spring.
Her current residence is the Corrupted Cave, with her heartsister and her foal Ajaxon. Since her colt cannot fly, it may be some time before Embri returns to her Glade, for she will not leave her son unprotected.

History: Embri was one of eight Lesser Guardians, who served the Great Pheonix, Guardian of Regeneration. Since the destruction of her order by her own powers, Embri has been something of a free agent.
She has developed a rather intense hatred of blind obedience, and is mistrustful of anything passing itself off as an organized group out to save the world.

The fire unicorn has few memories earlier than her rebirth into her winged form by the Great Phoenix. Embri will fight for her friends, and herself, but prefers to avoid most conflicts all together. She has a weakness for small, helpless young things, regardless of species.

During the war between the EC vs. Gameware, Embri heartbonded Red Angel, bringing her back to life after she died from events directly caused by Embri's intervention. (See EC vs. Gameware
thread, pages 110-111) They now share a single lifeforce; what happens to one happens also to the other. Neither knows if this condition is permenent or not, but for now they are dependant on each other.

Embri and her heartsister Angel share a tight mindlink that allows them to communicate effortlessly even over long distances, and they are constantly aware of each other's emotions and feelings.
After dealing with the return of Angel's vengeful creator, the Chaos Lord, who was banished into an inter-dimensional rift, Embri met up with her old teacher, One Eye, again. Her final battle with the Chaos Lord and Angel's nightmares awoke some of her own past. In her Grove, Embri chose to stay with Angel and keep her memories instead of relinquishing them to serve the Balance and the Great Phoenix. One Eye stripped away most of her Guardian abilities.

She was pregnant with her first foal for a number of months, finally foaling in the early hours of the morning. Her pregnant state made Embri prone to strange cravings for unusual food, ravenously hungry, and apt to have mood swings from one moment to the next. Her colt is Ajaxon, sired by Rolan and heir apparent to the Psychotopian domain. Au'Marui has blessed the foal with this heavy mantle, but only time will tell if he can fulfill such a great responsibility. Jax was also granted powers of illusion by Shaon at his birth, and blessed by Father Mac. Ajaxon is pale grey with mixed blonde/brown hair and a small sliver horn nub.

Personality: Brooding, caring and fiercely loyal, Embri can be stubborn and headstrong at times. Intensely curious about almost everything. She loves her heartsister dearly, and would lay down her own life for Angel without a moment's hesitation. She is quite fond of young
creatures/people, and will go out of her way to take care of them.

Embri takes very badly to those who destroy wild habitats with impudence, and people who wreak the forests and lands are often on the receiving end of her wrath. The unicorn has an intense hatred of being ridden, and tends to react very badly indeed to anyone or anything placed across her back. She's not sure where this phobia comes from, but it's likely to be a remenant of her past life.

Known Weaknesses:
As the Winged Unicorn Embri has an intense hatred of water, with good reason. While water itself is not dangerous to her, the high heat capacity and condutivity of it is, sapping her heat. Similarly, she avoids very cold regions. Water also makes her wings soggy, preventing flight until she can dry them out. Bladed metal weapons are fairly useless against her, since their thin edges tend to melt on contact.

High density, insulating materials, such as rock, are more of a threat they can hurt her before she can melt them, especially if they are very heavy.

As the Nexus of Power
Embri has two major weaknesses in her Nexus form; physical assault and a loss of power. Her body is no stronger in her Nexus form than it is in her normal mode, so she is quite mortal. Her concentration on the magical realities also makes her more vulnerable, since her attention is split between two worlds. Her other potential problem is that as the Nexus, Embri burns power at a phenomenal rate. If she runs out, or is denied access to a source of power, she must return to her normal form or perish.

Myste - Water Elemental. A cross between a serpent and a feline, Myste is very bright, for a creature. Understands and obeys simple commands. Has a limited vocabulary of hissed speech. Myste is light blue, with dark blue "gauntlets" around her legs and dark blue bands on her fan shaped tail. Ears are elfin and pointed. A yellow, curved horn sits on Myste's brow.

Solaran - Earth Elemental. Solaran is draconian, with curved claws, a long arrow tipped tail, and crests. Eyes are large, multifaceted and blue. Overall colour is dark red, with tan throat, belly and crests. Wingless. Slightly smarter than Myste. Both Myste and Solaran are currently residing in a seculded corner of the Wilds, where Embri hopes to found a second Grove for herself and her friends.

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