"The Writings of TheDarkPsycho, Spirit/God of Insanity"

The area of this flower garden is alive with holograms, allowing the citizens of Pax some interaction with the legends that shaped us.
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"The Writings of TheDarkPsycho, Spirit/God of Insanity"


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<div class='spoiler_toggle'>Spoiler: click to toggle</div><div class="spoiler" style="display:none;">((I had been lamenting the loss of many old character sheets from Blackstar when I remembered that many of us used to have our character details up in our Creatures wiki pages too. Looking through the history I was able to find TheDarkPsycho's old profile, and decided to post a copy here for posterity. Sadly this is not a very recent version, but it is better than nothing.

For those of you who don't know, DP was the lord and master of The Blackstar Dojo, which was Pax's predecessor.))</div>
<hr /><big><big><big>DP and everything RP</big></big></big><hr />
<big><big>DP, the character</big></big>

The character DP portrays in RPs bears his name, but is rarely like him in traits or deed.

The Dark Psycho, or DP for short, has been an evolution, starting as a lowly psychotopian royal during his early days in the CC, to the God of Insanity and ironfisted Overlord of Psychotopia. To save time, I'll just put the latest version of things.

From DP's writings:

"I am Au'Marui, Spirit of Insanity, Created by the Fire God Refrika who by his breath made mankind.

One thing you need to understand about all spirits is that we crave godhood like a bear craves honey. At a certain point I think its something the Gods make into our being, but our local banish Goddess can answer that question. Anyways, that need to ascend to the next level was my downfall. About 4000 of this Earth's years ago, in a plain in Africa, I started making my own "breed" of humans, with every known mental illness I had created to date. Of course that was easy for me, being a spirit of the God that created mankind. The Idea was that I would strategically release these individuals, that would either kill of the local human population so that only they were left, or interbreed making the entire population of humans crazy. This would elevate my role in the working of the Universe to that of a god, which by rights would make me a god.

Well, I was making some of the last tweaks to their genome when Refrika found me out. Although a god, by rights, could destroy a spirit he or she made without any question from the other gods, he decided to make an example of me. He brought me on charges of tampering with human evolution and had me tried before the High Council of Gods (needless to say, the vast majority had no simpathy for a spirit). As my punishment, I would become the only one of two immortals ever Banished. Not being able to destroy the humans I had created, they put them all on an island in the middle of the atlantic. Then Technico, god of Technology, gave the people technology thousands of years beyond what most mortals have today. That Island became Psychotopia, and when they needed a leader, they chose the most powerfull and insane among them, a quiet person, who was named Au'Maui, and who is still to this day me.

No I wasn't always an evil spirit. In fact, I used to be good. But then I was doing experiments with the new warp portal generator one day. Being a good little leader, I chose to do the first test myself. While still in the warp, I witnessed a battle the likes of which this realm has never and will never see. During the battle, my God Refrika killed one of my siblings, a spirit known as Daruk K’nité, or in the modern tongue The Dark Knight. When the flames had finished consuming the spirit, Refrika reached into Daruk's blackened armor and pulled out a sphere of concentrated Darkness. Then Refrika threw the sphere at me. Before that point I never knew an immortal can be knocked out. Trust me, they can, and I was for a week. When I awoke, I had changed. The will to do good had been gone from me, all that was left in me was pure darkness. That was when I adopted the name Dark Psycho, and so that the locals can pronounce it more easily, I later shortened it to DP, which the locals pronounced Dau'Pay.

Shortly after that Psychotopia went into isolation. We set up a field that had no affect on the insane, but to the sane, the whole island would appear as an ocean. Even today, it is still not uncommon to see ships pass through streets and buildings. Of couse, an island disappearing definately caught the attention of a nearby ship, and when the ship returned to port, they started a rumor of an island that just disappeared beneath the waves. This rumor, of course, found their way to a Grecian writer, and the legend of Atlantis was born. Poor fools are still trying to find the ruins of a city that was never destroyed.

Now I have finally had my banishment revoked these 4000 years later, and have gained my ascention to Godhood. But things cannot stay the same for me. I am now preparing to seek revenge on those "gods" that created this injustice, and in the process, free all spirits from their slavery to the gods."


"I now find myself at a new crossroads. The High Council of Gods, an aristocratic regime of older Gods, has deemed me worthy of Godhood. But with my new status comes a greater understanding of the God's plight. We are a dying breed, slowly losing our abilities from millenia to millenia. So, to preserve myself and my kind long enough for me to win the freedom of my brethren spirits, I've created a new world, and have called those who are outcast to it to train under my watchful eye. This world will become my new powerbase, preserving me while the High Council fades. To Blackstar&#33;"

<hr /><big><big><big>The Republic of Psychotopia, Now Located in the World of Blackstar</big></big></big><hr />
Although Psychotopia is often refered to as Atlantis, you can guarantee that this island nation of the crazed did not disappear beneath the waves thousands of years ago as was claimed. The Republic of Psychotopia is the nation formed when DP's creation had to be dealt with after his banishment. Given advanced knowledge and technology by the God of Technology, Psychotopians have not always used it wisely. In fact, in order to terraform part of their islands to their needs, the Psychotopian scientist released a special "Mutant roach". When these roaches reached pandemic levels, the same scientist made and released "Mutant Chickens." Once all the roaches were gone, the Chickens started feeding off the very earth itself it seemed and exploded in numbers. Now they are in rebellion against the Psychotopians, a fight that has been in a bitter stalemate for hundreds of years.

Fortunately, not all of the Psychotopian Genetic engineering experiments have gone that ary. The Giant Flying Radioactive MoE Cows have existed in peace, and often fight alongside the Psychotopian troops (thinks like the terranodons of Dinotopia).

One of the marvels of Psychotopian technology is the Warp Portal tech they display. Yep, that's Warp portal as in the same type the Lone Shee uses in DS. However, the Psychotopians have refined it to a point where they can have the Warp Portal generators as well as the shield generators and powerfull computers needed to keep the portal stable in an armband (currently in Version 2, complete with AI). The armbands, however, are reserved for those of the Psychotopian Warp Portal Exploration Corp (PWPEC) and DP himself. "Normal" Psychotopians are limited to using Warp Portal stations to transport themselves around the country.

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