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Laur Doyle


Post by Laur » Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:07 am

((I have retrieved my characters information from an archive I previously thought to be lost to me, I believe it will be prudent to repost what i have lost here for those unfamiliar with myself))

Name: Laur Doyle
Age: 41
Apparent Age: 41
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 8 stone
Eye Color: Bright blue
Hair Color: Dark brown
Physique: Very good due to constant rigorous training whenever she gets the chance
Race: Mutant
Language: Common, broken german (out of practice), sign language
Religious affiliation: None
Homeland: Earth, X-Dimension
Home/Location in Pax: Around The Encampment
Heraldic Symbol/Colors: None
Companions/Friends: Dau'Pay

Studies: Maths - Ms Sturgeon, English - Ms McLeod, Triple Science - Mr Elman (Biology), Dr. Ordoyno (Chemistry), Mr Burgess , German - Mr Horsely, Geography - Mrs Thomas, Graphic Design - Ms Saxton, Woodworks - Mr Kuczynski, Sociology - Ms Smith, Biochemistry and Microbiology - Sarah Haroldson. Laur has also been trained in the proper use of weaponry, however she is loath to reveal who did it
Apprenticeships: Business Studies - Mr Brown, Politics - Mrs Richards
Natural Abilities:Tracking, Laur has the ability to sense other powers and their locations. She has also unintentionally gained the ability to dampen others abilities, although the subjects are required to be within at least ten meters for her to do this. She is highly skilled at hand to hand combat, using everything to her advantage, and happens to be a skilled marksman
Occupation(s): Previous: Congresswoman, Recent: S-i-C of the Society of Genetic Research, T-i-C of the Corporation
Current: Wanderer
Financial Status: Unknown

Mother: Guinevere Wilkins, 61. Her mother has green eyes and hair that is beginning to gray, showing brown strands where pigment still exists.
Father: Stanley Wilkins, 61. He has bright blue eyes like Laur, but his hair is completely gray now.
Brothers: Leon Wilkins, 41. Laurs twin brother, identical in height, eye and hair color. She believed he was dead until recently
Half/Step/Adopted Siblings:None
Spouse:Till Doyle, 50
Step-daughter: Liessa Doyle, 17. Liessa was left behind with her father when I elected to forsake him and the Corporation and left both
Daughter Lianna Doyle, 12, she has bright blue eyes and black hair

Clothing: Usually a red or blue shirt with black trousers. During special occasions she often wears a fine dress.
Jewelry: A ring with three small red rubies, her wedding ring, an out-of-place looking bracelet with inscribed, undeciphered writing on it , and occasionally a clip with a rose ornament
Weapons: A small handgun with inscribed, smooth red grips, the Magical Sword below.
Armor: None
Items: Warp Portal Armband used for travel and communication - I once possessed this, but I threw it away when I left The Corporation
Magical Items/Artifacts (and their powers):A certain sword, a gift, concealed within a desk rest made from the horn of an animal and powered by Loneliness. The sword grows into a two handed greatsword when powered, almost as tall as I am.
Currency: , $

Are any of your possessions sentient? N

Character Depth

Curious of my agendas and motives are you? Or perhaps just curious in and of itself. But you know they say curiosity is what killed the cat, be careful at whom your questions are directed.

Most here will believe I am not a nice person, I once worked not just for one, but two organizations after all. They would be right, I am not nice, not to those that would not benefit me in some way anyway. How I react to you is entirely up to your own actions towards myself and others with whom I am associated. There is no point in being impolite while in each others company, is there?

Do not expect me to truly feel the way I am acting, or have been acting, towards you. For it is just that: an act. I may be confident, at times arrogant, sure of myself and mean, but inside is much different. Inside I am a wreck, I walk across a thin line which may give way or upon which I may fall off at any time. But this is known only to me, and perhaps one other...

I fell off this particular thin line during one fateful night, now whenever I see my reflection I can see my past self, murderous, vindictive, selfish, arguing with me, always arguing that I deny myself...

To put it simply, my past is complicated. Even before the story you will find below you it was, though perhaps a little less so than it is now. I used to live with my brother, himself a mutant. His abilities could be destructive and were unstable, many times I had to dodge something that flew through the air when he lost it. The other, fortunately for him would instantly seal any cuts he sustained. Unfortunately, he met another and then exploded, and I have long since believed him dead until relatively recently. While a huge relief this has not helped my state of mind.

Should you come across me in a fight of any sort, you will find I am not afraid of using anything if I perceive it to give me an advantage. I believe it is called 'fighting dirty' by those who do not do it.
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