"Laur Doyle"

The area of this flower garden is alive with holograms, allowing the citizens of Pax some interaction with the legends that shaped us.
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"Laur Doyle"


Post by The Archivist » Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:38 pm

Name: Laur Doyle, Maiden name: Wilkins

Age: 30

Height: 5'5

Description: Laur is toned and tanned, with long, straight dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, she's a fighter and wears clothes both administrational and practical.

Abilities: Laur has the ability to sense and pinpoint other mutants, and can store how the other mutants 'feel' so she always recognises them, making her a useful spy and scout. This is not just isolated to other mutants though, she can sense others with powers too. They just feel different to her.
Because of an accident, Laur has a scar on the lower left of her abdomen, in the shape of a withered heart. Due to an accident, Laurs blood was mixed with that of another mutants in order to save her life.
Unfortunately her x-gene mutated when it came into contact the other. So she gained the ability to dampen the power of others, although they have to be pretty close for her to use it.

Species: Mutant (Ironic, no?)

Weaponry: A simple handgun kept by her side all the time, and a few other things she keeps for Till, hardly used though. She was
also given a gift,a sword kept within a horn desk rest, powered by her loneliness. She has yet to find out just what it does, if anything else.

Items: A Warp Portal Armband, used for communication and travel. Her engagement ring, which is a gold band with three rubies embedded within it, her gold wedding ring, an out-of-place looking bracelet with untranslatable inscriptions both inside and out of it, and her hair clip with a rose ornament on it.

History: Before Laur became a S. G. R. employee, she was a congresswoman, very high up and loved by the public, though she never revealed she was a mutant. She was found out by a S. G. R. member and captured, then experimented on so they could find out her powers. Once they had, it was discovered she could be very useful to them, so she was offered a proposal by Till to be a 'tracker'. She accepted and has stayed a faithful employee ever since. She is second-in-command to Till at S. G. R., and is more often than not the one sent to seek out and capture fresh mutants for the facility. She is after both Till (for revenge purposes) and his job but bides her time. Her brother was destroyed when his mutant powers reacted with anothers and he exploded, hence her hatred.
Laur now works in the Corporation, still under Till.

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