"Paranesia, Goddess of Illusion"

The area of this flower garden is alive with holograms, allowing the citizens of Pax some interaction with the legends that shaped us.
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"Paranesia, Goddess of Illusion"


Post by Jent » Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:52 pm

Paranesia, Goddess of Illusion (formerly went by Shaon Galatea)

Paranesia's age is not known, even to her.



Description and Physiology:
Paranesia does not often have a physical form. She prefers illusions, her signature avatar being a large, gray fox.

Physical Abilities:
Paranesia is surprisingly lacking in physical abilities. She can, however, teleport herself and others.

Supernatural Abilities:
Paranesia has full control of the mind of herself and others, as would be implied with her title. This also extends to dreams, whom she rules over.

Formerly, GTILD.

See Weaponry.

A large, yet well hidden, cavern, the only entrance of which is obscured by the illusion of a bookcase within the Corrupted Cave.

Where Paranesia was born does not matter any longer.

Most of this is unknown.

It has been known, however, that Paranesia has known Articus in the distant past. She had many large groups of worshippers (one of the very few remaining being Genkaku), but also fought a holy war between another god, Chronos. She was assassinated as well as a god could be, losing all her memories and abilities. She took up the name Shaon Galatea around this time, and did eventually regain said memories.

Paranesian. She acts how she wishes.

Paranesia is extremely secretive, often not giving any reasons, even to the person who is writing this.

Known Weaknesses:
Paranesia is, most notably, blind. She uses the eyes of others and her mental abilities in order to substitute for this, but this fails easily when she must watch an area that has no beings around it. Or while looking for dead foxes.


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