The Unified Timeline of Pax Canon

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The Unified Timeline of Pax Canon


Post by Coolpikaaa » Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:14 am

<big><big><big><big>THE BEGINNING</big></big></big></big><span style="display:block;text-align:center">
  • The Universe is created, centered around a system of twin planets.
  • Lifeforms carried by a force called the Celestial Wind begin to fill the newly created realm, signaled by flashes of light.
  • The mage Athena suggests to her fellow new arrivals they build a camp for the night at their location.
  • Hot Springs are discovered in a cave on the other world, where a group of survivors there spend the night.
  • The Mercenary Markus makes first contact with a race of shape-shifting beings called the Psiot.
  • A Psiot informs the dragon Furnace of the name of this realm (Pax), the planets (Ana and Kata), and of the mysterious beings protecting it, The Aeloci.
  • The dragon Furnace discovers an area of treeless plains away from the camp, and plunges deep into the planet's crust. He begins to shape the area.
  • The assassin Fade is hired to interrogate Athena about the Aeloci by a mysterious client. After an altercation, Fade attempts to kill Athena, who is saved by her abilities.
  • The client is revealed to be Coolpikaaa, who believes the Aeloci may be able to return him to his dying home of Blackstar in time to save it.
  • The Sommelier arrives to interrupt the fight, and appears to have been pursuing Fade and Coolpikaaa to deliver contents of Holloweyes will. Fade receives the broken Ruby Dagger, and Coolpikaaa, a mysterious charm.
  • Raven arrives and attacks Coolpikaaa. The Sommelier intervenes and takes the electrical mouse with him, but Fade eventually has to use the Onyx longsword to transport them to the Psiot settlement for medical aid.
  • The Sommelier reveals to Fade that Blackstar has ultimately fallen, frozen in eternal ruin.



    <big><big><big><big>DRAWING OF THE LINE</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>THE HORN AND HALO</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>HOUSE OF MADNESS</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>THE COLLECTOR IS COMING</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>T'WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>INTERWEAVING THREADS</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>HOPE OF NIGHTMARES</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>WHEN BAD GUYS GO MAD</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>THE WORLD IS COVERED IN BLACK PAINT</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>CAMPFIRE STORIES</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>CP'S QWIK RP&#33;</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>THE LAOTZCHY</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>THE DARK SEES THE LIGHT</big></big></big></big>

    <big><big><big><big>DARKNESS TAKES IT'S OWN</big></big></big></big>

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