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Name: Bursa Bezkostny

Gender: He/Him/Whoever

Race: Demon

Appearance: Typically standing at 5'9" on average occasions, Bursa displays an irregular build in part to his peculiar demonic physiology. At present wears a faded leather brown tunic over a plain cotton shirt, with worn-ouy darkened jeans tucked into a pair of sturdy boots. His belt is thick and functional, holding a variety of tools one might need on his travels. As well a long, hooded cloak is draped over his shoulders, offering protection from the elements and a touch of anonymity when needed. Passable for a human on the onset glance, though uncanny traits might be easily discernable for some. These cues may come from an entirely visual perspective, for even when at a lowered spiritual presence, an inhuman aura lingers.

For starters, the fairly typical black hair from the root, steadily becoming tawny at the ends. Often left unkempt, given the fibers feel closer to that basalt wool than true organic strands. Coloration and length both might vary through the day for its manipular nature, along with the rest of his form. Bursa normally bears a faint ruddy hue on his complexion against the clouded glaze of the eyes. That is, until the inner layers begin to represent outwardly.

Bursa 'the Boneless's skeleton at times lays non-existent. Crushing damage often bruises, yet not shatters their insides, for the internals hold no human organs. Rather that, beneath the realistic warmth at skin depth, mostly anything else is actual a writhing mass of bluish 'worms' feigning normality. Heat is constantly drawn towards each individual, causing exhaled breath to be far colder than a person's should. These adaptible fleshy things effectively the majority of what constitutes the demon.

To be elaborate after RP usage.

Personality: Bursa content at being reserved from social meanderings, one that exhibits a stoic and curt attitude when alone. He might rarely speak, unless spoken to at first; which the demon then may appear amenable conversation. This in part due to the past afflictions and desire to maintain a relative stability of his internals.

He is one to correlate matters with one another when engaging with a group. A brought up comparison of life experience of 'how everyone is just a bag of thickened water walking around' to a matter of conjuring puns for amusement.

The former magically-inclined mortal transformed to their currently abyssal demonic self; 'Bursa Bezkostny' had unfortunately became disillusioned with of his past. Memories caught with misattribution of names, vivid events blurred and emotions fogged on recall. The demon, unless experiencing a sufficient trigger, often re-remembers varied 'stories' of earlier elements of their first life.

A laconic recipe unintentionally relayed to others usually went along as the following:

'Mirka' and 'Bursa Bezkostny' were two siblings who joined in their kingdom's court of mages. Sister and brother displayed prodigious talent towards magic at a young age, they had seldom seen either parent in their developing years and adulthood. Not that personally bothered them at the time.

However, what troubled that remnant of kinship, and the rest of the country was a fabled prophecy which spoken the end of days. Numerous generations of the royals spent bickering at how to handle this eventual fate. Preparations for the future, delays to the impending fate. Except for the last line of the throne thought different; she wished to expedite reality to her fortune.

'Mirka' and 'Bursa' laid oblivious to the truth, with only the latter learning once it was all too late...

... The skies swiftly darkened in the night... Sister no where in sight...

A campaign led by a devilish dragon headed an aggressive invasion upon the kingdom. Peasants vanished into the winds as they screamed in terror. Houses burned and walls crumbled. The armies were sent in farther lands, unable to return in time before castle's eventual collapse... Only a sparingly few survived in the rumble after 'Bursa' slain the monster in the end...

... A widowed Queen, encirled by her remaining subjects, when to give her blessings to her last living mage. She gave instruction to defeat and slaughter the dragon, procuring its charred heart to 'Bursa' as boon for what was reality a pyrrhic victory...

... Once tasted the cursed flesh, everything had changed-

-The traumatic cry of a woman shrieked in his skull. This dragon was not a monster. It was the Queen's own sister!

That voice heralded thousands of others. For all those who had been lost in the faux war, their screams trailed behind that of the sacrificed sibling. Each of them a former meal that the 'dragon' partook unwillingly... Including that their now realized, deceased sister...

Rather crumple, Bursa the Boneless ran away.

Bursa the Accursed harbored the sins of the felled kingdom.

Bursa the Berserker carried away whatever plans the traitorous Queen had held for them that day...

The classification of a 'Demon' settled of being non-descript, for in-universe reasons of the original curse and various afflictions having mutated their entire being to become a 'unique species' as it were. As well for out-universe being that Bursa had ranged from being some sort of vampire, dream demon, and ect.

For the definition of a 'Dragon' varies between all sorts of settings and platforms. They might be wholly realistic, all organic animals within Earth-bound physics. Or perhaps some flavor spectrum between diabolic-through-divine. Not to mention similar enough entities which blur the lines which Bursa could smell as 'close enough,' 'not detectable,' or even 'false positives'/'false negatives.'

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