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Re: Expedition


Post by Game Master » Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:49 pm

Among the smells lingering through the cave air, some she would immediately recognize. Others belonging to related species encountered before in Zerexe's travels in Pax and prior. And one scent that her mind would have a particular difficulty in placing for some reason.

Clearly this be the former home of the kobolds. Even after their unwilling departure, it couldn't been that long ago that their kind had been inhabiting these caverns. Perhaps a month, or two. Or even less if these 'meanies' tried to scrub out reminders of the tiny draconic beings. It had to be those strange walking hedges who done the deed.

Yet her mind find itself in a conundrum in accurately figuring out what these little folk were. Obvious floral scent surround them. Though could be simply a means of camouflage instead of motile plants like Florans. They carried meats and animal handiwork on their persons, adaptive survivalists in this new ecosystem stolen from the kobolds.

... The golden woman, whilst in thought and communicating with the group, would experience an eerie sensation that attempted to creep in her mind. This unpleasant aura saught her and the rest of the Expedition force. As if testing them.

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